Bradninch Baptist Church believes in the importance of mission. This can be at home here in the United Kingdom and in the streets of our own town but we are pleased to share with you  our missionary connections from further afield.


 Locally the Church supports CHAT the Tiverton based charity  Churches Housing Action Trust. They provide a wide range of facilites , including a food bank and also help and advice for those needing housing


Wednesday 22nd July, 2020

Thank you, thank you, for your most generous donations to CHAT. Since I last wrote in May we have taken another 3 car loads of food to CHAT for which they have been mosty grateful. Please continue to support this joint venture from Bradninch, hosted by the Baptist Church .  The collection box has been moved to the Baptist Church ( under the bench  by the front door!) where you can place your items and these will be collected and distrubted at CHAT. Their latest requests  see below but the original list below that still stands too!  THANKING YOU in advance! 


Their stocks are running low and these items are in particular need, 

  1.  Tinned Tomatoes                                                         11. Custard powder
  2. Tinned Meat                                                                  12. Rice Pudding
  3. Tinned Fish                                                                   13.  Pasta Sauce
  4. Ketchup                                                                         14. Biscuits
  5. Gravy granules                                                              15. Cereal
  6. Coffee/tea                                                                      16. Cereal bars
  7. Pasta                                                                             17. Crisps
  8. Noodles                                                                         18.  Longlife milk
  9. Rice
  10. Tomatoe puree                                                                                                   


  1.   Washing Powder                                  4.  Shaving gel                         7.  Toilet Paper
  2.   Shower  Gel                                          5. Deodorant                           8.   Toothpaste
  3.   Washing up liquid                                 6.  Anti Bac Spray                    9.    Soap

News letter  MAY 2020
CHAT believes that everyone is entitled to decent, secure and affordable accommodation - somewhere to call ‘home’ CHAT NEWS
I am writing to ask if you would like to take part or, please promote it to your friends and family and make this the weekend, the most people sleeping, in aid of CHAT ever! A great challenge & some FUNraising too! (Please tell your friends about it on Facebook/ NextDoor/ everywhere!)
‘Homeless 4 A Night’ will take place on a night between Friday 8th to Sunday 10th May 2020
While we are all stuck at home, how about taking a fun adventure to your back garden for the night and sleep under the stars (or your sofa if you prefer). Our community challenge is to sleep 
under the stars (you can use a tent if you wish) for the night and raise some vital money for those who may not have a roof over their heads. (Please DO NOT sleep in any public places)
Even MORE fun! - make a cardboard creation (A Princess castle, house, or something else) decorate it & then sleep in it. Send in your photos to events@chatmid.co.uk with the heading ‘Competition’ and be entered into a prize draw to win £25 voucher and the best cardboard construction will win £15. Good luck! It would be great if everyone could register with us and please aim to raise a target of £25 sponsorship (as it is our 25th Anniversary) all to support those who are homeless in Mid Devon. Everything you need - We have a fundraising pack & sponsor form – please visit our webpage for all the information you need: https://chatmid.org/homeless4anight/ We hope you can join in & make it the biggest sleep out EVER! Good luck.

Calling all Shoppers! It will come as no surprise to you that we have experienced an unusual level of demand on our foodbank in the last few weeks. Due to the donations (both food and money) we have been able to help 131 households and made a total of 250 deliveries. As well as our volunteers we have been working with some of the Tiverton Volunteer Force, alongside British Gas and MDDC who have allowed us to use their staff and vans. We were able to manage the increase due to the community responding generously, but also because of the system that our regular volunteers have had in place for collecting, sorting and managing the flow of stock. We want to thank those businesses that have given us good prices for stock, given us their surplus food or used their community budgets to contribute to the food bank. Tiverton Town Council and Devon Community Foundation have given generous grants so we are also in the process of offering booster packs to some of the families who are struggling at this difficult time. The economic impact of the pandemic and lockdown will be affecting households for a while yet and your continued generosity will mean we can respond. If you are able to donate food please keep an eye on our facebook page and website for our most needed items. We don’t want to encourage you to leave your house more than necessary so please leave donations at our local collection points in Tesco, Morrisons or Reapers whilst out shopping. If you are using online shopping, and are not able to deliver items please let us know and we can arrange collection whilst we are out delivering.

Thank You …for everything everyone has done to support us in this challenging time, with money from individuals and businesses, with donations to our Foodbank, and the volunteers and other organisations helping to deliver, every little bit goes such a long way to helping those who really do need us.

Who are the ‘hidden homeless’? You don’t have to be sleeping rough to be homeless and you may have heard the phrase ‘hidden homeless’ on the news recently. Those experiencing “hidden homelessness” are people who become homeless but find a temporary solution by staying with family members or friends, living in squats or other insecure accommodation – otherwise known as ‘sofa surfers’ and they are often excluded from official statistics. At the end of 2019 Shelter estimated that there were 320,000 hidden homeless in the UK and although that sounds like a high figure our experience is that a significant proportion of our clients are, or have, experienced this. They may be sofa surfing, living out of a bag hopping from one family member or friend to another and their quality of life is often poor and their mental health suffering. Clients can feel vulnerable in these situations and there may be an element of abuse to those most vulnerable and desperate for a bed for the night. They may need to leave the home during certain hours of the day, have nowhere to store their belongings and you can imagine that sleep can be disturbed with very little privacy.   More usually, these are younger clients, but in recent months we have seen people of all ages who do not have a permanent home. It is difficult to predict accurately what the situation will be in the coming months but we anticipate more people being in this situation. At CHAT we believe that everyone is entitled to decent, secure and affordable accommodation; somewhere to call ‘home’ and we will continue to work hard to make that possible wherever we can. living out of a bag hopping from one family member or friend to another

If you need our support or can help please contact us • We are unable to see clients in person at the moment. However if you need Support and Advice with housing you can call us on 01884 255606 between 9:30-4:30 Monday – Friday or contact us via our website www.chatmid.org or email theoffice@chatmid.co.uk • If you need help with food please call 01884 255606 between 10-12 Monday – Friday for a telephone assessment. See our facebook page @CHATMidDevon or www.chatmid.org for further details and any changes to the services we offer. If you can help by donating food, items can be dropped off at Morrisons, Tesco or Reapers. If you are able to help financially please scan here to donate or visit https://chatmid.org/donating/

CHURCHES HOUSING ACTION TEAM (Mid Devon) Ltd. Coggan’s Well House, Phoenix Lane, Tiverton, Devon EX16 6LU T - 01884 255606 E - theoffice@chatmid.co.uk www.chatmid.org @CHATMidDevon A Company Limited by Guarantee - Registered in England No. 03096996 Registered Office - Coggan’s Well House, Phoenix Lane, Tiverton, Devon EX16 6LU Registered Charity No. 1049478






The Friends of Kianjai Kenya (FKK), continues as a registered charity under the guidance of Sally Livsey and her friend, Caroline Newton. We are blessed to have a Bradninch based charity to support and that we are able to have regular updates from Sally. She visited the project in February 20120   and was able to see for herself the progress being made with the new projects in progress.  This year they are enabling disabled children with some exciting projects. See www.friendsofkianjai.com

 Initially support was given to the Community through a period of drought. Since then there has been a focus on providing funding to help many youngsters complete their education and there are plans to provide a residential care centre for children with learning difficulties in the area and to support their families, as well as a water supply for the local polytechnic. However, a further drought and crop failure has meant that funds have had to be diverted for this. James and Dawn were privledged to have visited Kianjai in the early days of this project in February 2012. They travelled with Caroline and were able to present tools and equipment to the Polytechnic and the school . James and Dawn were humbled by the welcome they received and the thanks from the hardworking and grateful committee of people running their own project.


 The BMS missionary who we support, Laura Lovering continues in a town called Nauta  near  Iquitos in the Amazonian jungle of Peru. Iquitos is reputedly the largest city in the world inaccessible by road, the only realistic form of transport being by boat on the waterways leading down to the Amazon. We have welcomed Laura  to our services over the years and heard about the work that is being done there, not to mention all the mosquitos! Her time is spent principally with a Training Centre equipping pastors from the region so that they can be God's hands in their remote jungle communities. Laura keeps us updated via her blog and facebook page.


 Catherine and Adie Banner introduced the Charity   'International China Concern'  to Bradninch.   Catherine spent 2 years working at an orphanage in rural China  and has facititated fund raising to support Orphans there.