Celebrating 200 years in Bradninch

The Baptist Church was first built on the present site in 1813 but the great fire of Bradninch also burnt this building to the ground. A new church was erected in 1832 and still stands today! To celebrate 200 years in Bradninch the church family hosted a number of events during the year.  The first was a highly successful quiz held in the church . There were 16 teams , but only one winner!

The Flower festival based on the seven colours of the rainbow was well attended during the Bradnich Music Festival. Clare Norman did us proud with the foyer arrangement, a truly extravagance of colour. Under the eye of our Deacon Sylvia other church family and friends arranged an explosion of colour.

In October the Church hosted a celebration reception with champagne and canapes  followed by a service in the church. The Bradninch Festival Choir took part in the service and the 30 strong choir swelled the singing during the service. Sylvia Scurr gave us a brief history of the church noting that six people got together in the beginning to pray and  ask for God's blessings on this new church. Just 6 people!